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PROSPECTOR  is a narrative adventure game set in a futuristic city built on the rim of a giant crater, veiled in constant fog.

When a malfunction of your ship’s engine forces you to stay in this city for a while, you find yourself confronted with strange customs, masked faces and, maybe, the opportunity of a lifetime. Delve into the shrouded streets of the city, look behind the masks of its inhabitants and reveal what is hidden.

This game is a graduation project of the HAW Hamburg's Games Master's Program.

Check out the Soundtrack:



Watch a playthrough of the game demo:


Anca Tutescu
Music Direction
Sound Implementation

Kanu Pham
Character Design
Character Art

Jan Barow
Creative Direction
Graphic Design

Laurenz Rau
Level Design
Level Art

Soundtrack & Sound Design:

Anca Tutescu
Jan Rosenbauer
Marcel Hein
Niklas Wienböker

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorStudio 30/30
Made withUnity
Tags2D, artgame, Exploration, Narrative, Point & Click
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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PROSPECTOR - Demo Soundtrack 38 MB
PROSPECTOR - Game Demo v.0.2.1.zip (WIN) 247 MB


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This is such a cool game! I want so much more! Any plans to make a full fledged game of this?

Your let's play made our day, thank you so much! Really appreciated your commentary and voice acting it out :D Also, it's very kind of you to be going around reviewing itch games, keep up the good work for this community!

We're considering our options when it comes to continuing game development, but we'd definitely love to cause the full story is pretty much already there :)


It is my pleasure! I hope this gets more attention because Prospector is easily one of my favorite experiences this year! Whatever you decide to do I wish you the best! Hope to see more from you all in the future! :)  


I love the speech bubble mechanics with the different bubble sizes and moving options. Great idea, although I didn't got it right away.

I'm not into adventures these days anymore, this one catched me: I like the setting and the fiction. The graphics are really cool but the camera and animation could get some more love. The soundtrack is superb!

I didn't up up either to the police bot a second time, so the dialog later didn't made that much sense for me.

Great work and cudos to the whole team!

Thank you for all the praise <3 Indeed there's definitely room for improvement in this demo, looks like a lot of players are not going with that option so we need to change that, but we're thrilled you liked the game so far!


The game was quite good, but it seems the text sequences can glitch out a bit, causing you to restart at some points, especially if one tabs out of the game. Some of the text boxes toward the latter part, in the shop, clipped out for me (in windowed mode, 1440 x 900). I'd enjoy playing more into the story if you do have the opportunity to develop it further. Hopefully that info might help you find some bugs too!

Thank you for your feedback, it really helps! We just uploaded a fix for camera positioning - now the dialogue should always remain inside the screen. As for the alt-tab issue, we will also look into it after we take a well-needed summer break :) Let us know if you find any other issues!


I think I managed to skip something by not talking to the robot after the dealer uploaded some software to my mask. The dialogue later on references something that never happened.

Love the soundtrack. And the art, and the dialogue. Will it ever be continued?

Your kind words mean a lot, thank you so much!

At the moment the dialogue is written in such a way that it assumes wanting to go back to the robot to try to pass by unnoticed, but good to know that this incentive isn't strong enough at the moment!

We do plan to continue development if circumstances allow it, as the full story is much longer and we have many other design ideas we'd love to implement. Thank you again for playing :)


The game is Nice . Loved it . 

Much appreciated, thank you for trying it out <3